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The last great RWD sedan Ford produced. Period!!!

2010-06-26 03:43:10

I have always been a fan of large RWD sedans. Even since the age of 8 when the 94 Impala SS was introduced I have been a fan. The Marauder was introduced in the summer 02 when I was only 16. At 22 I was able to catch a great deal on a silver birch metallic 04' that was a lease turn-in with 30k miles. After owning several Crown Victorias the Marauder is far superior in performance and handling. The 04's are more contented but 03's are much easier to come by. It's very comfortable on long trips and with little tuning it is great on the drag strip especially when you swap the rear 3.55 gears with 4.10s the car really wakes up. Cost is just $230 plus installation. It will ********** tires (traction control off) if you let it and it's the only thing on the car I had to replaced in a year after 30k miles of hard driving. Built on Fords most reliable chasis, Panther, this is a car that should have stayed in the market longer but due to Ford's pathetic refusal to properly advertise it did not sell. However, I enjoy attracting attention at service stations and car shows accross the country and many people think the car is newer than it really is. On the road it really stands out when you're stuck in traffic between a bunch of mainstream cars that all look the same. It's very easy to maintain and it's not bad on gas for a car of it's size and massive weight. I would never drive it in the snow and the only complaint is locating tires for the odd rear tire size. I would definitely buy another and with only 11,052 Marauders produced from 03-04 it's a very, very rare car.

2004 Mercury Marauder

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