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5.0 out of 5

Does It All

2007-11-03 08:59:00

Purchased Navigation System & Upgrade Wheel package.

Extremely pleased. Excellent long distance vehicle -- still feel refreshed after a 9-hour drive. Get 24-26 mpg trips; 21-23 around town. Carries an outstanding amount of cargo.

2004 Lexus RX 330

Japanese quality

2007-10-18 02:25:00

At it's finest! I have the performance package and pretty much most of the upgrades - and I love this car! I've driven newer year model ones and ones made in Canada, and can say that the quality has changed since I bought mine. It handles well in the rain and snow (even with the Good Year OEM tires) and gets fairly good gas mileage. I don't know of another well-appointed SUV/LUV that gets as decent of gas mileage, nor many 6 cylinder sedans. I faithfully put premium gas in it, despite the prices, but it rewards me with better gas mileage and performance.

My only issue is the dealerships (I've used several) for maintenance. I have had Pohanka Lexus pull some shifty tactics and in general the chauvinism reeks. Yes, I'm female, and I know a lot about cars. I can't stand it when they say things and hope I don't know that they're lying to me. In a situation where a repair was performed without my permission, they lied and refused to admit it - and corporate Lexus backed them up. Shame on corporate.

My next vehicle will probably not be something made by Toyota/Lexus - their quality has majorly gone downhill and the dealerships get away with too much.

2004 Lexus RX 330

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