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Review of Honda Pilot 2004

flyngtiger79 2009-02-07 12:41:27

My whole family drove Ford cars. All 3 of my previous cars were Ford Mustangs. Starting with the "66" Conv I restored when I was 16, right up to the "92" 5.0 coupe I sold just recently. As a mature family man I realized that the Mustang would not be a practical car for me anymore. At this time in my life I was looking to move to CT with my girlfriend and I knew the Mustang would not cut it there either. I also had this desire for an SUV, but with gas prices above the $3 range I knew that would be hard to find an economic SUV. Going the SUV route I knew I only had two choices: Honda, or Toyota. The price ranges for the Toyota 4Runners were more in my budget, but after test driving one I said forget it. The 4Runner was a hard ride. Looking at the Honda line of SUV's the Pilot was just perfect(and not just because I was an Air Force Pilot either). Wih their price range I knew I would have to go back a few more years in used models to fit my budget. So, once I had a decided on the Honda Pilot I began my 6 month quest looking at 2000-2005 models. I knew exactly what I wanted in body color and interior trim as well as options. Finally in Nov 07 I found the car. A 2004 model EXL 4x4, tan with tan leather interior...LOADED and only 39,380 miles on it. The car was in EXCELLENT condition inside and out. They were asking $19,500 for it, but talked them down to $18,000. I considered this a steal. orget that it was 3 years old. with that low mileage a Honda or any type is still brand new. I love this car will from now on drive Honda's Pilot.

2004 Honda Pilot

Review of 2004 Honda Pilot

AOL user 2008-12-27 21:12:22

I bought this 2004 Honda Pilot after doing alot studing up on it. I can say that I am really satisfied with this SUV We had alot of snow the last two weeks and the Pilot had no proublem getting around in it. It has got 18mpg around town and has got once 27 mpg on a 220 mile trip going 60mph. I would recommend it highly.

2004 Honda Pilot

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