2003 Volkswagen EuroVan Reviews

2003 EuroVan New Car Test Drive

The following review is for a 2002 Model Year. There may be minor changes to current model you are looking at.


Volkswagen, Van and Volume go together very well, and have for the half-century since the first VW Transporter was made. The VW van may not have had the capacity of a full-size American van, but there was a lot of room on the inside compared to the space it took up on the road. 

The V-word that has never been associated with Volkswagen vans is Velocity. After years of building a van with what German engineers think drivers need, they finally built one with what American drivers want: power, 201 horsepower, to be exact. 

While they were at it, they lowered the price more than $5000, which brings in another V-word: Value. The price-performance ratio that had kept American buyers away in droves has been flipped, and if all is right with the world, customers should be beating down dealers' doors for this better mousetrap. Perfect it's not, but this Van has Volume, Velocity and Value, and yes, it's a Volkswagen. 


Two standard wheelbase EuroVan models are available: the $26,200 GLS and $27,700 Multivan or MV. 

The primary difference between the GLS and MV models is their seating arrangements. The EuroVan GLS has two individual middle row seats in the second row, with a three-place bench in the rear. The MV turns the second-row seats around, back-to-back with the front seats, and adds a table that folds out from the wall. The third-row seat also folds out into a bed. 

A Weekender package ($3,335) available with the MV adds overnight capabilities with a pop-up roof that includes a two-person bed, window screens for the two side-sliding windows and a refrigerator under the left-hand rear-facing seat. 

A longer version of the EuroVan (with a 130.7-inch wheelbase) called the Camper ($38,733) seats up to six, but also includes a pop-up roof, a two-burner LP gas stove and full-swiveling captain chairs, among other amenities. It's just the thing for a weekend in the infield at Indy. 

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