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Why I love my FX-35

2007-10-16 06:50:52

I purchased my car in October of 2004. The model year was 2003. I lived in Florida.

I love my car, After adjusting to the car visibility, it was a dream to drive. I appreciate that no one actually notices that my car is almost five years old. The warranty is a great deal because I only have 42,000 miles. I always have my car serviced at the dealer and all problems are corrected. Cannot wait to get a new one.

2003 Infiniti FX35


2007-09-04 11:40:34

I bought my infiniti used with 48,000 miles.

I've driven many different types of cars, but I have not found one to be like the FX...

Just listen to the motor!

I just love everything about it!!!

2003 Infiniti FX35

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