2002 Saturn VUE Reviews

2002 VUE New Car Test Drive


Have you ever seen the world through 3-D glasses? Saturn hopes you will. This customer-friendly stepchild of General Motors recently introduced the Vue, a five-passenger compact sport-utility vehicle that has joined this increasingly popular and competitive segment of the automobile market. 

Using 3-D glasses as part of a new marketing campaign, Saturn has designed its Vue to offer 'a new perspective' on compact SUVs. GM's growing division brings innovations such as a continuously variable transmission (CVT), along with a huge selection of engine and transmission choices. Saturn claims its Vue has a longer wheelbase than any of its direct competitors, designed to maximize interior space and provide a smooth, stable ride. The Vue is further distinguished by its five-speed automatic transmission, electric power steering, OnStar telematics system, space-frame protection and polymer panels. 

All of this comes at a highly competitive price. 

Saturn's new Vue is designed for buyers who want a manageable, but still highly functional, sport-utility to haul gear without requiring huge parking spaces and a big garage. It's made for young customers with families. It's built for people with active lifestyles. Saturn designed it from the outside in for versatility. 


Vue is available in three models, all designed to be highly configurable. The base level ($16,325) is a front-wheel-drive, four-cylinder version offering 143 horsepower and, although it can navigate dirt roads, it offers no off-road capability. The FWD automatic retails for $17,265. 

Next up the ladder is the all-wheel-drive four-cylinder ($18,860). 

At the top is a V6 all-wheel-drive version ($22,575) that produces 181 horsepower at its peak. 

All-wheel-drive models can be used as modest backroad cruisers and, equipped with a V6 engine, can tow a small boat, jet ski or snow machine. 

Four-cylinder versions are matched to either a five-speed manual transmission or GM's VTi automatic, a transmission designed for seamless shifting through continuously variable settings. The six-cylinder engine is paired with a five-speed automatic. 

Two design themes are available on all versions: the 'outdoor expression' and 'urban expression.' The outdoor version includes a front brush bar, a prominent roof rack, and 16-inch wheels with all-terrain tires. Interior features include a rubberized cargo area and floor covering, Ostrich leather accents and a plug-in handheld GPS unit. The urban version comes with 18-inch wheels, performance tires and a lowered suspension. Inside is an integrated navigation system and rear seat gaming system. 

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