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1.5 out of 5


2010-05-23 11:01:30

What a nightmare this vehicle has become. Had to put a new fuel pump in, check engine light goes on than off so yu never really know what's going on. The best part is it starts only when it wants to. You have to hold the key for like 10 mins to get it to start but other days it starts up like a champ. The best part is that no one can figure out why it won't always start. In the process of looking for a new car but never again will I buy a GMC Jimmy, what a waste of time and money.

2001 GMC Jimmy


2010-01-08 00:28:08

DON'T buy this vehicle ! Unless you plan on replacing all the parts and basically rebuilding it. I have put more $ into this car then I have ever put into a vehicle. Please pass up the opportunity to purchase one of these, you won't regret not buying it. Cause GMC JIMMYS are CRAP ...

2001 GMC Jimmy

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