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2009-01-15 01:04:16

Service the transmission! The maintenance manual states ********* "sealed for life" and needs no service, but an internal service bulletin changed that. Manufacturer and dealers failed to notify owners. Repair in 08/08 - almost $9,000! I get an average of 28mpg - not as good as I want but not bad for a luxury vehicle. The car (Turbo Diesel) has an incredible amount of power, it takes some getting used to! It's beautiful, incredibly comfortable and with lot's of little touches is very luxurious. It is surprisingly quiet and smooth. The integrated phone has been useless for years and to make it compatible with today's technology would cost $3K. Not enough legroom for most men (or tall ladies!). Seats are extremely comfortable - with dual zone heating, multiple air bladders and lots of choices for angling 3 different zones (head, seat and back). Very heavy, well-built car made in Germany. Most car lovers, adore the car - I get stopped a lot by people asking questions and offering to buy it! It is expensive to maintain but if you are considering an MB you know that going in. I bought this car 4.5 years ago with the intent to keep it for 20 years and I have not changed my mind or had any regrets (transmission failure could have been avoided with communication from MB). Purchased with 50K miles and now has 121K miles - I have enjoyed driving almost every single one of those miles in this car!

1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

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