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5.0 out of 5

226K, super reliable, cheap to own and very sporty around corners!

danwat1234 2012-08-30 14:40:35

The 6th gen Honda Civics have supreme reliability, and good gas mileage ( It does as well or better than my mother's 2012 Elantra! I am the 3rd owner and has 226,000 miles on it, mostly highway. Automatic 4-speed transmission, d16y7 engine. The coolant system has a very very slow leak it in it somewhere but everything else is absolutely perfect with this car. Supreme reliability, great suspension, handles really good after installing a rear sway bar and 205/50/R16 tires. I love that this car is so versatile. I plan on installing a trailer hitch so I can tow small trailers with this car too! This car has supreme usefulness. --Favorite Features:: I am very happy that the components under the hood are not tightly packed like newer cars. I was able to add a complete train horn system including the air compressor, 2 gallon air tank and the horns all under the hood and inside the front bumper. There were even pre-drilled holes on the sides of the rails just inside the hood to knit all my zip ties through to secure the components! Awesome. The double wishbone suspension is very nice, especially with the help of good tires and a beefy rear sway bar bought on Ebay. The rear bumper's support beam has lot of pre-drilled and smoothed holes so I could mount a genuine train bell in under there with Zip ties! Later I removed the zip ties and secured the E-bell with a U-********** a crazy easy moddable car. --Suggested Improvements:: Wish my car had a drivetrain like this;;; Direct Injection, Auto start/stop, Electrical system recuperation (what Buick calls E-assist), Cylinder deactivation, Lean burn (if emissions can stay low enough, like the Civic HX), A-VTEC (advanced VTEC), Atkinson valve behavior when engine load is low for more MPG (Honda Earth Dreams engines), Have dashboard illumination lights be more accessible for replacing. Have audio-in jack built into radio. Have paddle shifters so I can shift early to save gas.

1999 Honda Civic

Had a 99, loved it

AOL user 2009-04-17 21:20:56

I had a 99 Honda Civic LX until about a week ago :( It was totaled in an accident. Had no problems with it except the recall on the ignition switch (if the car shuts off for no reason take it to the dealer b/c there was a recall on the ignition switch) other than that I loved it! I'm now on the search for another car possibly a fit or another civic, but that civic was my very first car and I had no problems with it!!!! It had great gas mileage, was quiet, very safe, and overall just a great car!!! I miss it :(

1999 Honda Civic

Original owner of a 99 Civix CX with not even 90,000 miles.

Poetree522 2009-03-11 03:26:35

I bought my Civic CX hatchback on July 4,99 in Maryland and moved back to California with it, and the car's been like my most faithful friend. The red color and not having a CD player are my only complaints. It's a great car and reliable during this time of not being able to afford major maintenance, high gas prices or a new car. Thanks Honda:)

1999 Honda Civic

Amazing for 140K miles

tztw0s9zusr 2008-11-19 10:34:10

Bought a used 1999 Civic DX hatchback not long ago, it had 140K miles on it and I'm amazed that EVERYTHING works on this car and it drives like new. Fun to drive and handles well in traffic or on the freeway although any significant hill requires downshifting and upping the revs to maintain speed. Good acceleration is there if you're willing to mash the gas. Heater heats up quick, A/C cools even quicker. Good climate controls and powerful fan. Stock AM/FM/CD is better than what Honda puts in the 2008 models. Previous owners just did the usual maintenance...fluid changes, filter changes, rotate tires. Recently needed an O2 sensor replacement, that's the biggest maintenance item to date according to previous owners. Passed Georgia emissions just fine. This car could probably benefit from new still has the originals front and rear! Only problem I (and previous owner) had was the driver's door window jumping off the front track, permanently fixed by adjusting and shimming the front track inside the door to line up the 'net and you'll find this window problem is not uncommon. All in all, I fully expect to get another 100K miles out of this car. Or more.

1999 Honda Civic

honda '97

KCGreger 2008-10-04 11:19:11

Have to take this opportunity to brag about my Honda Civic EX- which will be 11 years old on October 7th. 168,000 miles - full of pep- fun to drive-looks great-and over 30 mpg--- Honda has always been the most reliable well-designed car -always ready to head out on the open road for adventure....................... and to paraphrase another well-known car ad-'When you turn it on, does it return the favor??" YES!!!

1999 Honda Civic


AOL user 2008-07-19 09:32:29

Great, reliable car! I drove it for 8 years, 180k miles without any problems, just normal maintenance! (only exception may have been a rusted out B-pipe) Around 190k, some of the "long-term" maintenance things started cropping up... like replacing the catalytic converter, some oxygen sensors and the radiator started leaking. This kind of stuff is normal in the Northeast where the salt they put on the roads eats away at your cars. I could probably drive the car another 100k, but I'm itching for a new car. Would definitely consider the Honda Civic again. I'm just waiting a few years for the plug-in hybrids to come out!

1999 Honda Civic

Ohio Girl has to yell....

2007-11-06 11:07:51

Anyone else known to have alot of road noise on the newer models? Wanting next year to buy one but won't if this drawback is on the newer models...mine is a 1995. Also owned a saturn, which I loved, but also had alot of road noise.

1999 Honda Civic

going for 250,000 miles

2007-09-05 12:00:25

I LOVE my Civic. My car serves almost as an office because have a job that takes me places all over Washington State (for which I get paid mileage) and I'm soooo ahead of the curve with that. I get 42 MPG on the freeway. I have 194,000 plus miles and (thanks to my husband and the guy at Accurate Auto - who both keep it in top shape) I'm aiming at 250,000 before I trade it in for yet another Civic. Thank you Honda.

1999 Honda Civic

Best small car around

2007-08-09 03:23:00

I have a 1997 Honda Civic with 144,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. Very few problems and only routine maintenance. My gas mileage is in the 30-34 mpg range and with gas prices so high this is a big plus. I am sure the 2007 model is equally as good (possibly even better) and would recommend the Civic to anyone looking for a great, economical vehicle that will last for years!

1999 Honda Civic

Honda Civic EX Coupe Auto

2007-08-03 03:45:00

Solid car. No issues other than normal wear & tear. Used for daily commute (70 miles RT) Up to 170k miles and still running strong and get great mileage (30+ MPG). Would consider buying another.

1999 Honda Civic

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