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The Car Coach: Checking Your Own Tire Pressure Pays Off

Some cars are making it easy to keep your tires healthy, but most of us have to do it ourselves.

Car Coach Lauren Fix answers your questions about car buying and maintenance. This week, Lauren talks about tire pressure and keeping your self safe and your car achieving the best fuel economy it can.

GM Trucks And SUVs Have Brake And Fuel Line Rust-Out Problem

NHTSA investigating corrosion problem, and owners are stuck with no easy fix

It is a problem found mostly in the Northeast where road salt corrodes the lines.

National Car Care Month: Use Correct Oil, But 3K Mile Change is A Waste

The Car Coach answers your questions about oil changes

Hardly any vehicles on the road require oil changes every 3,000 miles.

The Car Coach: What Is That ECO Button In My Car?

Lauren Fix answers your questions about fuel economy and more

I purchased a Honda 2013 Accord 4DR EX-L on Oct. 1, 2012. As time goes by, I have questions and concerns. When I'm driving and then I go to use the brake, the car hesitates or jumps a few times.

How To Fight A Pesky Winter Driving Problem

Frozen doors and locks need not be a problem if you follow this advice

We are asked questions all the time by readers via our comments section or Facebook page. The Car Coach answers them. Dear Car Coach: It's that time of year again. Any tips on how to prevent doors from freezing shut? I have a 2003 Dodge Durango and have had problems already. RM

The Car Coach: How To Become A Smarter Driver In The New Year

Avoiding road ragers and smarter parking will lead to better living and driving

Readers ask us questions all the time through comments and Facebook. The Car Coach answers them. My husband says I need to change my driving habits. So, it's a new year. What can I do to be a better driver. MBN

The Car Coach: Think Gas Prices Are High? Not When You Think It Through

Price of gas overseas, as well as soda and mouthwash, is more

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, answers your questions: Dear Car Coach, Gasoline is getting expensive, and food prices are rising. How expensive is gasoline in other countries? BB

Ask The Car Coach: Talking Hot Cars and Bad Fuel Economy

The Car Coach answeres questions from AOL Autos readers and Facebook followers

Lauren Fix is the Car Coach. She answers reader mail and comments on our Facebook page.

The Car Coach (and Mom): The Best Cars For College-Bound Drivers

Some advice on what to buy -- and what to avoid -- when shopping for young adults

Lauren Fix is the Car Coach, and she answers your questions about buying, caring for and gassing up whatever car you have or may want to buy.

The Car Coach: Do I Void Warranty If I Don't Use Dealer?

The Car Coach answers your questions about car buying and car service

Lauren Fix is the Car Coach, and answers your questions about buying your new or used vehicle, as well as car care.

The Car Coach: Premium Gas Required For Premium Cars

Never neglect the engine's lifeblood either

This week the Car Coach Lauren Fix answers questions about how to keep your car running at peak performance.

The Car Coach: 5 Worthwhile Waxing And Cleaning Products For Your Ride

New products can save you money and elbow grease

This week, Lauren Fix, the Car Coach, answers reader questions about car cleaning products.

The Car Coach Examines Upside Of Diesel Engines

Americans starting to appreciate benefits of diesel

Remember the old Mercedes-Benz diesels that sounded like the title car from the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?" They were loud, slow and spewed black, sooty smoke that would make a career smoker gag.

The Car Coach Tackles Your Questions

Today, she doles advice on buying warranties, fixing leaky roofs and who should pay for a premature bushing problem

Dear Car Coach, We bought a Madza Tribute in 2005. Recently, we took the car into the dealer for an oil change and tire rotation, fluid-level check and general upkeep. We are a retired couple that drives moderately. The car has recorded 29,700.