Even without an all-electric lineup, the products of Elon Musk would constitute a very different business model. Using what is basically factory-direct distribution throughout most of the country, Tesla eschews the traditional dealer and inventory management. The company has also ignored the traditional model year, typically bringing improvements and updates to market as soon as they are ready.

As Tesla notes, since introducing the Model S in 2012, continuous software updates have made the four-door hatch 'faster, smarter, safer and more enjoyable to drive'. At the same time, autonomous software reduces the need to actually drive it. In model year 2017 the Tesla Model X SUV - pictured above - is an all-new introduction, while the 'affordable' Model 3 arrives as a 2018 introduction in the summerl of 2017.

MODEL S: In the spring of '16 Tesla's premium sedan received a redesigned front fascia and full LED headlamps. Inside, HEPA air filtration heightens the Tesla's livability, regardless of where you're driving. Faster charging is possible with an improved charging system. And with the introduction of a new 100kWh battery, over 300 miles of driving between charges is now possible.

MODEL X: With three rows of accommodation, a 5,000-pound towing capacity and able to achieve 0-60 in just over three seconds, the Model X can truly be the ultimate in 'sport' and fully competitive in 'utility'.

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