With the 'new' having worn off of Fiat's 500, it's left to the FIAT 124 SPIDER to heat up the Fiat showroom.

124 Spider: The Fiat two-seater is all-new, and from a branding perspective a return to a designation popular with Fiat fans throughout the '70s. This, however, is more Hiroshima than Turin. Its platform is shared with Mazda's Miata, while Fiat supplies its own brand-specific sheetmetal and drivetrain.

500: Despite its relative freshness here in the States, the 500 is in its tenth year of global production. Changes in '17 are both minor and substantive. For the convenience of buyers (and sanity of dealers) trim levels are reduced to Pop, Lounge and Abarth; window stickers are lowered across the lineup; and options that were once available only in packages are now offered separately. The end result is some surprisingly good price points, from top (Abarth) to bottom.

500L: Fewer trim levels and lower prices, while still failing to answer the question: Why is this sold in the US?

500X: An Italianate take on the Jeep Renegade, which itself is a Jeep-oriented take on the 500X. Like the other models in the Fiat lineup, trim levels on the 500X are reduced to three – Pop, Trekking and Lounge – while the window stickers are lowered and options are now available separately.

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