Lego Batmobile from 'The Batman' is a 1,360-piece spoiler alert

It goes on sale Nov. 1 with a suggested retail price of $99.99

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New Batman? New Batmobile. New Batmobile? New Lego Batmobile.

It comes as no surprise that the latest version of the iconic Batmobile is coming to living rooms near you in the form of a Lego kit. Brickbuilders have been clicking together black bricks into two-, three- and four-wheeled conveyances for the caped crusader for as long as the Denmark-based company has been molding them. Clearly, it's a popular genre. And so the newest Batmobile, as featured in the upcoming movie "The Batman," has been announced well before the movie is scheduled to hit the big screen.

The Lego Technic kit you see here will go on sale Nov. 1 with a suggested retail price of $99.99. It boasts 1,360 pieces, meaning it's going to take some time to actually put together, and it looks quite detailed. The doors and hood open, the steering wheel works, there's a differential at the rear, a couple of illuminated bricks that bring some added visual flair, an interior that has all the bits of a real car, plus decals for the gauges and a mid-mounted engine with pistons that move.

Apparently the V8 engine belches flames from its shorty upswept exhaust headers, which we look forward to seeing on film. We won't know what the jet engine at the very back represents until we see the movie, but we guess this Batmobile gets thrust from multiple powerplants. We'll find out early March 2022, when the movie is scheduled to hit theaters.

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