'Snowrunner' is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 18th | Gaming roundup

Also, 'Wreckfest' gets a new trailer for its upcoming PS5 release

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This week in racing game news:

"Snowrunner" gets a release date for the Nintendo Switch

This past week we got a brand new reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of "Snowrunner," coming to Nintendo Switch on May 18th. "Snowrunner" is the follow-up to "Mudrunner," both being off-roading-style games that take patience and precision to excel at. A lead foot won't help you here. If you're interested, you can read some of the Autoblog staff's differing opinions on the game right here. As for the trailer, it's pretty straightforward, showing some of the locations and vehicles you'll see in the game, while also revealing this version's release date and letting players know that it's available for pre-order right now. You can check it out for yourself just below.

"Wreckfest" revealed some new info about its PS5 version in a new trailer 
" Wreckfest" is coming to Playstation 5 on June 1st with a bunch of fancy next-gen features. According to the new trailer that dropped earlier this week, the PS5 version of the game will feature 60 FPS 4K resolution gameplay, faster load times, enhanced lighting, improved visual effects, 24-player multiplayer, and haptic feedback from Playstation's excellent DualSense controller. Check out the trailer below to hype yourself up for the release this summer.

"Hot Wheels Unleashed" is teasing a new "Skyscraper" environment
It's trailer week in the world of racing games as "Hot Wheels Unleashed" has also released a new teaser showing even more of their upcoming highly-anticipated racer. There's not a whole lot to say about this one other than that it still looks pretty darn cool. Check it out for yourself below.

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