Travis Pastrana jumps hometown waterway in latest stunt

It's about as Pastrana-ish as homecomings get

Professional daredevil and rally driver Travis Pastrana treated his hometown of Annapolis, Md., to a little Hoonigan-style action Thursday with a carefully orchestrated jump over one of the state capital's signature attractions. 

If you've ever been to downtown Annapolis — home to both myself and the man of the hour — you've probably visited Ego Alley. It's the inlet that runs along City Dock (adjacent to the United States Naval Academy and home of the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial) where boaters go to peacock in their watercraft on busy summer afternoons and evenings.

It's like Detroit's Woodward Avenue on a Saturday evening, only with boats instead of cars. Yes, the Mopar jokes write themselves.

To locals, it's as much a cesspool for showboaters (sorry) as it is an attraction. To Pastrana, it was an obstacle in dire need of overcoming. On Thursday, he did just that. With a little help from the Hoonigan crew, Pastrana jumped the narrow inlet, timing the stunt with a Hoonigan powerboat passing underneath. Very Annapolis.

Fortunately for spectators, dense morning fog burned off in time for the action. Pastrana made three attempts before finally synching up with the passing powerboat, and crew aboard the Lynx (one of several schooners frequently tied up at City Dock) were able to view the spectacle from the tall ship's rigging. 

According to the Capital Gazette, Pastrana has various other stunts planned throughout the day, including what sounds like some drift action around Church Circle, which fans of the "West Wing" TV series may recognize from a key appearance late in the show's run. We expect this will be a bit less solemn of a spectacle. 

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