Watch a freight train loaded with new cars lose a fight with a low bridge

The incident caused $2 million in damages

In life, there are bad days, and then there are extra-bad, "you just caused $2 million in damages" days. A train engineer experienced the latter when he lost an ambitious battle against a low bridge.

Footage posted on YouTube shows freight cars slowly getting decapitated one at a time as the train gradually comes to a full stop. Oddly, one of the railcars is already severely damaged before it goes under the bridge, which suggests that it was likely taller than the rest and that it fell victim to a different bridge. Two additional wagons lose their roof before the convoy stops moving. Keep in mind trains often need a mile or more to come to a full stop.

If that's not bad enough, it looks like some of the new cars aboard the railcars are a total loss. We see a mangled Ford Explorer, and a crumpled Lincoln Nautilus, among other carcasses. The incident happened earlier this month in Memphis, but we don't know how the train ended up under the bridge. Was there a communication error? Were the warning signs removed? What's certain is that the damage done to the cars, the freight train, and the bridge amounts to approximately $2 million, according to the account that posted the video.

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