Hyundai designs a DIY soapbox car

You can build this Hyundai from standard building materials

Hyundai Soapbox rear
Hyundai Soapbox rear
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The designers at Hyundai Europe have developed a build-it-yourself push go-cart, and they're offering free detailed plans for any parent to tackle with their kid.

A general booklet about the build is available here. The booklet references a detailed set of plans that can be accessed by following this link, and then clicking the Build Steps download button at upper right.

The company calls its creation the Hyundai Soapbox, although it's not designed for the All-American Soap Box Derby competition, where cars are built off common plans. Instead, the term refers to the simple vehicle's lack of a powertrain. As Hyundai Europe Design Center chief Thomas Bürkle said: "The powertrain is gravity. Your own motivation. The power of your own two legs when you push it back uphill."

As built, the go-cart is 69 inches long and 39 inches wide, and is designed for a child-sized driver. Steering is via two joysticks connected via metal rods to the front axle. A simple friction brake is used. The wheels are from a wheelbarrow. All the materials are standard items that should be available from any home center.


Hyundai says the process of creating the soapbox was like that of a regular car, with engineers first designing the chassis, then designers sketching the body first on paper and then using 3D modeling. The final shape is claimed to take its inspiration from the Hyundai 45 concept car. The yellow paint is "meant to capture the optimism and joy of childhood," although Hyundai notes that "parents and children should feel free to upgrade and personalize their own versions however they want."

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