Micro Machines are coming back in 2020!

In case you missed it, because we did

Why didn’t anyone tell us? If it’s because they thought we were too old to play with toys, they thought wrong. Micro Machines are coming back! Hasbro and Wicked Cool Toys announced (back in June) that they’d revive the tiny toy cars — which originally sold in the 1980s and 90s — in 2020.

For those of you too young (or forgetful) to remember Micro Machines, they were kind of like Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, but made of sturdy plastic and much, much smaller — about an inch and a half long. Eventually, Galoob (which Hasbro later purchased) began making miniature boats, planes and more. It also made miniature driving environments for the cars.

Some of us here at Autoblog, your author included, still have our Micro Machines collections (my large son was playing with them just yesterday). Heck, some of us still play the “Micro Machines” video game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System — perhaps it’s time for a reboot of that, too.

Perhaps nearly as memorable as the toys themselves was their spokesperson. Most just knew him as “the Micro Machines guy” or “that really fast-talking guy,” but his name is John Moschitta, Jr. Here’s hoping he makes a comeback, too.

Wicked Cool Toys Co-President Jeremy Padawer said, "Considering recent toy unboxing trends, the brand's multigenerational appeal, and the vehicle category's ripeness for something 'new' again, we believe Micro Machines will be a global phenomenon." We can't wait.

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