Supermarket employees bury improperly parked car in shopping carts


A driver in Argentina learned a lesson the hard way when when he parked where he was not supposed to at a grocery store. When employees saw the car in an illegal spot, they pranked the driver by boxing the vehicle in with shopping carts.  

Fox News spotted the photos that were posted by Arnold Angelini, a witness to the situation. They show a small Peugeot improperly parked at a COTO supermarket in Temperley, Argentina, which is in the Buenos Aires Province. Several lines of shopping carts were stacked and placed around the car as a prank for not following the rules.

The caption, roughly translated, is showing disapproval of the person who parked in the shopping cart area and is applauding the employees who decided to get their own version of justice. For more details and a few quotes from Arnold, head to Fox.

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