Roborace has its own Hot Wheels car now

Featuring 'gravity assistance'

Hot Wheels just announced a new partnership with Roborace, and the resulting diecast Robocar might be the company's most accurate toy yet. Why? Because it doesn't have a driver, just like the real race car.

The car needed no cartoonish exaggeration for its honey-I-shrunk-the-kids adaptation, because its real-life form is already outlandishly styled. The toy is based on the completely cabinless Robocars, not the previously seen prototype DevBot or DevBot 2.0 that will compete in the first Roborace season.

The Hot Wheels toy might not have electric motors at each wheel, nor does it have any of the complicated lidar, radar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, or software found in the real Robocar. But, it does have the feature most important to a toy car: "gravity-assisted autonomous driving." All it needs is a little bit of kinetic energy to get it going.

The toy has a black and yellow color scheme that accentuates the aerodynamic features that separate the wheels from the cabin. It wears the number 33 on its sides, and honeycomb graphics match the real car's similar designs.

For those who want one, it can be purchased from Amazon for $2. Just watch out for that $6 shipping.

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