New ‘Magnum P.I.’ has fake Ferrari, fake Tom Selleck

Seriously, that guy's the new Selleck?

Wait, that's the new " Magnum P.I."? That guy? Really? I mean, he doesn't need to have a mustache. Or a Hawaiian shirt. Or really short shorts. But come on, there's nothing displayed by Jay Hernandez in the above "Magnum P.I." trailer that says, "I have charisma and likability comparable to Tom Selleck." Now, is that even possible? Probably not, Tom Selleck is, well, Tom Selleck. But much as Chris Pine successfully captured Captain Kirk's bravado without doing a William Shatner impression, something close is possible.

But hey, there's a red Ferrari! It's a 458 Spider, it gets shot to pieces and then smashed by a truck. Of course, the keen, sleuthful eye of our Jeremy Korzeniewski notes that it isn't really a Ferrari and instead is likely a GM F body underneath (look for the round instrument cluster in the brief interior shot and the weirdly shaped HVAC vents at the 10 and 2 o'clock positions). So, the Ferrari's a fake too.

But wait! New Magnum also seems to drive old Magnum's car: a Ferrari 308 GTB. It also gets destroyed. (Seriously, spoilers much?) This time it's totally CGI'd so I'm guessing the GTB is for the most part the real thing. Hawaii also seems to be the real thing.

So, does this make you want to watch the new show, coming this fall to CBS? Alternatively, you could probably stream the old show somewhere. Oh Tom Selleck, you charming devil, you.

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