Wisconsin high-school seniors pull off epic fake-crash prank

What better way to use a junker Pontiac Grand Am?

Here's a pretty epic high-school senior prank: A car crashed into the side of the school building just outside the principal's office, bricks strewn everywhere and a gaping black hole. Except none of it is real.

It happened in Cumberland, Wis., a small town in northwest Wisconsin about 90 miles from Minneapolis. There, seniors at Cumberland High School used the sawed-off rear two-thirds of a junker Pontiac Grand Am GT with a Texas license plate, tape and a black tarp, plus some strategically placed bricks, to create the illusion of a gaping hole in the wall of the school, near the principal's office. A photo of the teens shows them holding a banner warning against the dangers of drinking and driving.

Konur Paso, one of the seniors behind the prank, told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press the idea came about after talking with his dad, Jon Pasko, a technology teacher in the district. A friend of Konur's had purchased the Grand Am and then sold it for $200 after discovering it had severe front suspension problems.

"We have this junk car. Now what are we going to do with it?" Konur said.

So he and his friends spent the weekend gutting the car, removing the engine, front seats, panels, wiring and other parts and then cutting off the front of the body. They loaded it onto a trailer and found bricks at Konur's grandfather's house.

The prank setup took only seven minutes, he said.

"You had everyone a little nervous this morning," the school district posted on Facebook. The city's police department offered its congratulations, calling it "one of the best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen."

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