It's not terribly common for Volkswagen to market some of its vehicles in the U.S. but not Europe. Out of its recent products, the big Atlas SUV isn't part of its official model lineup in Germany, and the Jetta's availability in Europe ended at the most recent refresh. Before those, there was the Routan minivan, but that wasn't much else than a decorated Chrysler.

Now, Volkswagen is about to introduce a new compact crossover that will slot underneath the Tiguan, and it won't be sold in Europe. Using the MQB platform, Volkswagen will start building the "Volks-SUV," as it's nicknamed in-house, in China first. From 2020 on, the vehicle's production will expand to Mexico, Russia and Argentina; from Mexico, the new model will be exported to the United States. Global yearly sales are estimated at 400,000 units, as reported by Automotive News.

The new vehicle will be the first Chinese-developed VW product that will be sold outside China. Volkswagen's brand sales chief Jürgen Stackmann said the project "turned from a regional project into a global project." To us, that brings to mind the Ford EcoSport, which was turned from a small Brazilian model into a globally exported vehicle.

For Europe, the new T-Roc compact SUV will reportedly fit the bill instead, as it's even smaller and a bit sportier than the upcoming model. Earlier news mentioned that Volkswagen has applied to trademark the name "Apollo"; it will be interesting to see if that nameplate is affixed to the new crossover.

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