Volkswagen Arteon could get V6 option, shooting brake version

The Phaeton never got a wagon, but the Arteon might

Volkswagen's flagship Arteon might not be such a flight of fancy as the venerable Phaeton was, but it might have one trick up its sleeve, one the Phaeton never got. The British AutoExpress is reporting that the Arteon is going to get a shooting brake version — something not unheard-of in the four-door coupe segment.

The mention of an Arteon wagon derivative already dates back to last year, when the paper interviewed VW executive Dr Elmar-Marius Licharz, who told AutoExpress that plans for an Arteon shooting brake were underway but not yet finalized. The unveiling date for the shooting brake is yet to be confirmed, but AutoExpress says it has been confirmed for production.

Another addition to the Arteon portfolio could be the 3.6-liter V6 engine that's currently fitted in the Atlas SUV, and which has also been seen in upper-class Volkswagen model versions earlier. A prototype six-cylinder Arteon exists, and the MQB platform makes the inclusion of that specific engine possible, but it would be a first for that platform if produced. Licharz added: "If we build a six-cylinder engine [...] it will be one which you can also use in the Atlas and vice versa."

Right now, you can only get the Arteon with a two-liter four cylinder, but the V6 might be what the car needs to stand out – especially on the U.S. market. Since there is precious little information about the shooting brake bodystyle, it is not clear whether it would make it across the Atlantic, as wagon versions are often something German manufacturers leave in Europe. But the Arteon might be special enough to warrant that. Here's hoping.

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