This Honda lawnmower can go 134 mph

With 189 horsepower, it's basically as powerful as a CR-V

In 2013, Honda built one of the maddest lawnmowers one can imagine. The original Mean Mower was based on a production HF2620 model, but it received a 1000-cc, 109-horsepower V-twin that came from a Honda Firestorm bike. That certainly made it a real performer when it comes to, well, lawnmowers.

Now, the Mean Mower is reborn with even more power. While the second generation still has a 1000-cc engine, it's now a four-cylinder plucked from a current CBR1000RR Fireblade. That engine almost doubles the Mean Mower's power output, as it now has 189 horsepower. While the old one was no slouch, it was able to reach nearly 117 mph, the Fireblade engine propels the reborn Mean Mower to a reported 134 mph. Because really, haven't we all thought it takes way to long to mow the lawn?

Honda has released a teaser video of the machine, which seems to promise a new record run sometime in the future. Stay tuned.

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