Chevy Camaro driver with vanity plate ‘Dirtbag’ arrested in Washington

He punched an officer and pulled a handgun, police say

A 40-year-old Washington driver was arrested after apparently living up to his Chevy Camaro's vanity plate, "DIRTBAG." Police say he rear-ended another car at a carwash, pulled a gun, shouted racial slurs, locked himself inside his car and punched a police officer in the face before finally being arrested.

The car has since been impounded and the driver charged with first-degree assault with a firearm, assault on a police officer, malicious harassment, obstructing police and resisting arrest.

According to the Bellevue Police Department, the Camaro's driver hit another car while the two were waiting in line at a carwash. When the other driver began to take photos, police say the Camaro's driver pulled a handgun and began making threats. When police arrived, the driver returned to his Camaro and refused to leave or follow the officer's orders.

As he was being pulled from the vehicle, police say he punched an officer in the face while threatening to kill the others. He also shouted racist remarks at the other driver. Bellevue PD then tased and arrested the Camaro's driver. The officer he hit was taken to a hospital.

As you can see in the photo, the license plate is indeed real. It's even damaged from the accident. According to the state of Washington, vanity plates must not be "sexual or vulgar in nature; blasphemous; misleading; related to illegal substances; implying ethnic, lifestyle, or gender slurs; or are contrary to our mission to promote highway safety." Self-deprecation and blunt honesty are apparently OK. At least it gives other drivers a heads up.

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