Cops ticket driver with iPhone, tablet lashed to the wheel

Today in stupid driving.

In our hyperconnected modern era, virtually everyone has a story about a near-miss with a driver who was more focused on his smartphone than the road. But a motorist in Vancouver, B.C., may have set a new bar for distracted driving.

There, police pulled over a man after they spotted him driving while wearing headphones. When the traffic officer approached the car, he discovered the driver had used string to affix both an iPhone and a Samsung tablet to the steering wheel.

The officer issued him a ticket for $81 (about U.S.$63) after the man was unable to produce a driver's license, the Vancouver Sun reports. But rather than issue him a distracted-driving ticket, which carries a fine of $368 (U.S.$287) and four driver penalty points, the officer opted to warn the driver about the hazards of distracted driving.

"Just when I think I've seen everything, a photo like this is captured by one of our officers," Vancouver Police spokesman Const. Jason Doucette told the paper. "We are reminding drivers to leave their devices alone while behind the wheel. And although our officer felt education was appropriate in this incident."

Earlier in the week, a man received a ticket for $368 after he pulled up next to two Vancouver police officers while playing Pokemon Go.

Lest you somehow think Canadians have the market cornered on stupid driving tricks, we submit this recent example from Hopkinton, Mass., where police cited a "creative operator" who slapped a homemade license plate — made from a cardboard pizza box and magic markers — to an uninsured, unregistered 2001 Buick Century.

Be safe out there, comrades!

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