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Driving a car that requires no license | The List #0425

This majestic beauty is ripping through the streets with a whopping 1 horsepower

Patrick and Jessi have been globetrotting lately, trying to check things off their automotive bucket list. In this episode, they find themselves back in Paris searching desperately for an interesting car to drive. After all, they've driven Lamborghinis, racecars, fire trucks, what else could be left? Well as it turns out, Paris is home to one of the most interesting (if not a little sketchy) cars in the world! It's called the Voiture Sans Permis, which means Driving Without Permit, and the name doesn't lie. Underaged? Suspended license? DUI? No problem, just grab yourself a VSP and you can legally drive around the city of love to your heart's content.

With a top speed of less than 40 mph, it's pretty tough to get yourself into serious trouble behind the wheel of this unique car. As Patrick puts it, the VSP is "good from far, but far from good." Seemingly everywhere you push down on the car is "flexy," as Jessi puts it, and to demonstrate how lightweight it is, Patrick squats down and lifts the back end of the vehicle completely off the ground. During their inspection, they pop the hood to get a good look at the streamlined, game changing, incredibly sexy 1 horsepower engine. No, that's not a typo.

All in all, while the VSP sure isn't going to be winning any races, it's a charmingly unique idea and one that has many practical applications. Tune in to the episode above to see all of the challenges we set up for the little hatchback. And don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube page and like our Facebook page for more exclusive content from " The List"!

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