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Introducing the Autoblog Car Finder: Feel good about your next purchase

Buying a new car is hard. Even if you have a general sense of what you want, the wide variety of models and features out there can be daunting. We're here to help.

Today Autoblog launches our Car Finder tool, which allows you to find your next vehicle in just a few clicks. We use simple criteria to narrow the field and then give you the choices we think will fit your life best. You'll find it here or right here on our homepage, down past all the news.

Here's how it works. You tell us your priorities. Do you want off-road capability? Are you a technophile? What's your budget? How many seats do you need? Basic stuff and we take it from there. Plus, our editors are here to help. Models we really like — and we're a discerning bunch — get an Editors' Pick designation. We drive hundreds of cars each year, and you can feel confident in your decision if we think it's good.

If you want to keep your search basic, that's cool. But if you want to really drill down, go through our filters and start checking boxes. You can limit it so we only show you vehicles with adaptive cruise control or Bluetooth. Want a manual transmission or need a hatchback? Just tell us.

Then dig into our Research pages to learn more about your purchase. We've got specs, prices and our expert reviews. Plus, we've added lots of new consumer stories that explain everything from going to the dealership to avoiding flood-damaged vehicles. It's what you need to feel informed and confident about buying a new car. So kick the tires. Play around with the Car Finder and enjoy your next purchase!
Autoblog Car Finder

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