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Sell your own: 2006 Hummer H3

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At the time of the Hummer launch in 1992, America's mood was pretty good, we'd pushed Iraq out of Kuwait, and the economy headed for an uptick. It may not have been the best of times, but it was the perfect time to introduce a thirsty, in-your-face SUV.

Regrettably, in the following decade we suffered 9/11, were waging two wars, and then the economic downturn struck. And despite the relative sanity offered by the smaller H3, GM entered into Chapter 11 in 2009 and killed off Hummer.

With relatively few sold in the five model years it was offered, finding a clean H3 is a challenge. We like the H3's smaller footprint - relative to the huge H1 and Tahoe-based H2 - and the quirkiness of an inline 5-cylinder matched to a 5-speed manual.

With this for-sale example, offered in Arkansas, you'll find mileage perfectly reasonable for a vehicle now 12 years old, and it looks clean. Despite its ruggedness, we'd get a pre-purchase inspection and negotiate on an asking price significantly above book.

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