Chrysler gets credit for its invention of the modern minivan, but we'd also credit the company for taking AMC/Jeep's initial Cherokee concept and growing the idea wildly beyond what its originator, American Motors, might have envisioned. First introduced as an '84 model, the Cherokee lived through one significant refresh in 1997 before its discontinuation in May 2001.

At launch, the Cherokee was the first non-military 4X4 with unibody (body and frame combined into one unit) construction, and is regarded as a forerunner of the modern – and now ubiquitous – SUV. With the availability of both two and four doors, the Cherokee filled a family role that its immediate competition, Chevy's S-10 Blazer, would not fill for years. Ford's immensely popular Explorer didn't debut until 1991. And with both 2WD and Jeep-specific 4WD, Cherokee sales in the Sunbelt states went well beyond what Jeep had sold in those regions previously.

The featured 2000 Cherokee Sport is the penultimate model year, and with its now-iconic inline six, 4WD, automatic transmission and under 100,000 miles, it begs to be daily-driven and maintained for another decade. If the 90,000-mile service – or some similar service interval – has not been done, you should budget for it, and given its Snowbelt location, corrosion would be a concern, but there's a lot to like here for an under-$7K investment. With that, we'd also note the seller's $6,800 'ask' is roughly twice what Autoblog's value guide gives as suggested retail.

You could spend another $20K in the aftermarket, or just $2K attending to the needs that something 15-plus years old will typically have. Either way, the end result in purchasing this Cherokee Sport could be your very own Jeep Jamboree.

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