The Tesla Model 3 will ditch the instrument cluster

Tweets from Elon hint at a simple dash layout.

Tesla isn't exactly known for bowing to conventional wisdom. While nothing is official, tweets from Elon Musk imply that the upcoming Model 3 will completely ditch both a gauge cluster and a heads-up display, instead putting all information from vehicle speed to battery life in the massive center display. While this may come as a bit of a shock, the original Model 3 concept from last year lacked any traditional instrument cluster.
According to Elon, "you won't care" that the Model 3 doesn't have a traditional layout. That's a bold statement, but Tesla owners seem to have placed a great deal of faith in the company's design decisions. One argument in favor of ditching the cluster is that with fully autonomous driving, you won't need to know speed or battery life since the vehicle will be handling those things for you. That may be fine for the future, but full Autopilot isn't going to debut alongside the Model 3.
Having all of a car's gauges mounted in the center isn't a new concept. The Toyota Prius (and many others) has used a similar layout for years. People adapt, and Tesla buyers are more willing than some other drivers to accept change. Look for official confirmation after the final production cars roll off the line in the next few months.

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