Angry Scots use hairdryers to combat speeding drivers

The small seaside village of Hopeman in northeastern Scotland is beset by speeding motorists. The problem, one which Police Scotland has been slow to deal with, is so dire that some local residents have taken it upon themselves to combat these unsafe drivers with the tools they have at hand–hairdryers and high visibility vests.

According to the BBC, the long straightaway that leads through Hopeman is irresistible to local speed demons. Residents claim that cars regularly speed through the village at upwards of 60 miles per hour, posing a threat to pedestrians and slow-moving village traffic. In an effort to slow speeders down and make them aware of the danger, Hopeman residents have taken to posing as traffic cops by standing alongside the main drag wearing high visibility vests and pointing hairdryers at oncoming cars. Local councillor Dennis Slater told BBC Scotland that residents hope their charade will make drivers think twice about speeding through their village.

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