Top Gear reboots again on March 5 (UPDATE)

The show airs in the US on March 13

Update: At the time of publishing, we only had the British air date. We now have the date for the American debut, which is March 13. The text has been updated to reflect this.

A little over a week ago, the latest trailer for the next season of Top Gear launched. Although it revealed Matt LeBlanc running from police in an Aston Martin DB11, Chris Harris drifting a Ferrari FXX K, and Rory Reid racing something, it didn't confirm when the first episode would air. There's no need to wonder anymore: the show announced the first episode will be shown on March 5 on BBC Two. However, in the US, we'll have to wait until March 13, according to BBC America's official Twitter page.

Even though we'll have to wait an extra week, we're still only about a month away from seeing the updated version of the new Top Gear, featuring LeBlanc, Harris, and Reid.

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