Elderly pilot's Cessna dismantled in his driveway and hauled away by Long Island town

A long conflict between an elderly pilot and his town over a parked Cessna finally came to a head this week when city officials ordered the plane dismantled and hauled away while the owner was out of the country.

Back in 2015, a 69-year old Long Island aviator named Harold Guretzky voluntarily gave up his pilot's license for health reasons. Now unable to fly his beloved Cessna 152, named The Spirit of Oceanside, and was either unwilling or unable to pay the $150/month fee to store a plane he couldn't fly. So he had the plane's wings removed and the entire thing flat-bedded to his home in Oceanside, New York. Once the plane was safely stowed in his driveway, Guretzky had the wings reattached and thus began a year and a half battle with neighbors and city officials.

Unfortunately for Guretzky, it seems he finally lost his battle. According to WNBC, Oceanside had finally had enough and, after seventeen citations and an ultimatum to have the plane off his property by February 13, the city made their move. While Guretzky was conveniently out of the country, a crew from the city entered his property, dismantled the Cessna, and carted it away to a local park for storage.

When contacted by phone, Guretzky expressed his feelings on the city's actions in a typically pugnacious New York style.

"I'm glad I'm not there. If I would be there — I have a crossbow — anybody who comes near that airplane, I'd shoot right through their [expletive] chest," he told WNBC.

Oceanside officials told WNBC that they plan to bill Guretzky for the cost of removing the plane. Guretzk countered that he'll sue the city for $5 million, so it seems that the saga of the poor Spirit of Oceanside isn't over quite yet.

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