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The Alta Motors Redshift ST concept is a street tracker dream that could come true

All-electric concept will debut at The One Moto Show.

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The days may be coming to a close when, if you wanted a sweet street tracker to set yourself apart from your motorcycle-riding friends, you either had to fabricate it yourself or buy it from a custom shop. Alta Motors will share its road-going, flat tracker vision with the world at the upcoming eighth edition of The One Moto Show when it presents the Redshift ST concept: an all-electric street tracker that just might make the leap from plinth to pavement.

Though the San Francisco Bay Area-based battery bike builder has only offered up two models so far – it sells the Redshift in MX (motocross) and SM (supermoto) flavors – it makes sense to extend its lineup by leveraging the aluminum bones of its proven platform and pitch a bike that soothes an itch unscratched by any other OEM. And, with the recent resurgence of flat track racing (an arena the Alta team has been participating in) this particular breed of bike strikes us as a somewhat fresher, maybe even more honest, proposition than the scramblers and cafe racers that dominate the modern custom scene.

To create the ST concept, Alta brought its significant experience with rapid prototyping to bear, creating a new subframe and seat that carries all the hallmarks of the machines that spend their track time hauling ass sideways in circles, while visually lightening the entire design and giving it a soft, undulating flow from front to back. Fitted with 19-inch BSR carbon fiber flat track wheels and wrapped in rubber designed for purpose, it features WP suspension lowered to bring the seat down to 31.5 inches, a sweet spot, incidentally, that makes the bike accessible to the multitudes. Unseen and unnoticed until its throttle is twisted, power maps have been specifically designed for the revised architecture.

While Alta tells Autoblog that a final decision has not yet been made, it certainly seems as though they are seriously mulling the possibility of production. If the ST does get the nod, expect to see a price around the $15,495 neighborhood wherein the Redshift SM dwells. Just don't expect it to come with those exotic wheels, without turn signals, or before 2018.

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