Tesla Model S goes about 14 miles beyond 'empty'

Most of the extra distance was at freeway speeds.

We've all done that thing where we drive a bit further than we should after the gas gauge has gone way left of the red line, right? Well, it looks like electric-vehicle makers have built some of that capability into their EVs as well. Most recently, one Danish owner of a Tesla Model S 85D showed how Tesla gives its drivers some leeway when it comes to driving those last miles to a charging station.

A YouTube user named 'MrFirelakeDK' has posted a six-minute video showing his experiment that involved running his Tesla beyond 'empty.' As the video shows, the driver was warned by the car's dash that battery power was very low, but he was still able to continue at approximate freeway speeds for about 10 miles past the empty point, then cruise at about 25 miles per hour for an additional four miles before the sedan actually, finally petered out. That's four miles on proverbial fumes, folks. Whether that's something that US Tesla owners should contemplate when attempting to stretch their range on an interstate is open to interpretation, but the subject appeared to garner a fair amount of interest, as the video has been viewed by almost a half-million people.

Tesla isn't alone in building in a little wiggle room when it comes to reducing range anxiety. About two years ago, actor Robert Llewellyn featured a similar experiment on his Fully Charged TV show, when he purposely took a first-generation Nissan Leaf EV past its official 84-mile range and ran it for an additional seven miles. Hey, it beats walking.

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