Clive Owen, BMW 5 Series star in BMW Films' The Escape

Dakota Fanning and The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal also have roles.

The latest episode in BMW Films' The Hire series once again features a star-studded cast fronted by Clive Owen and a blockbuster director, all to highlight the latest BMW 5 Series.

The Escape marks a return to The Hire series after 15 years. Like the previous installments, the new film condenses science- fiction and action- movie elements into 11 minutes ( not counting the credits) of gunfire, explosions, and car chases. It's exciting and entertaining and features some lovely shots of the new 5 Series, mixed in with some Fast and Furious-worthy stunts. A helicopter is involved.

Alongside Owen, Neill Blomkamp ( District 9, Chappie) directs, while Jon Bernthal ( The Walking Dead) plays the villainous Holt, and Dakota Fanning plays ... well, we're not sure. Holt calls Fanning's character Five, although she corrects him and says her name is Lily, so we think she's a clone, but we have no idea why. Perhaps that's the cost of condensing an entire action flick into something you can watch during a leisurely bathroom break. Still, you don't want to miss what Blomkamp, Owen, Bernthal, and Fanning come up with in this neat short film. Oh, and the 5 Series looks good, too.

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