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Drive a Bentley | The List #0017

There's just something about a Bentley. The brand exudes luxury. There's nothing quite like driving or getting chauffeured in one of these classically British vehicles.

On this episode of The List, hosts Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntyre head all the way to the UK to investigate Bentley's heritage and drive a shiny new Mulsanne. To start the trip off, our hosts drop by the Bentley Factory in Crewe to learn how the cars are made. Every aspect is crafted with precision and care, taking up to two weeks to complete each car.

Our hosts even busted a few stereotypes about the brand during their trip. "I thought Bentleys were supposed to be grandma cars," said Jessi, enjoying the high life in the luxurious back seat of the Mulsanne. "It's more of a beast than anything," Patrick responds from behind the wheel.

From learning about the 400-hour manufacturing process for one vehicle, to getting behind the wheel and feeling the power of the 505-horsepower engine, this is an episode of The List you won't want to miss.

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