If you need a carbon-fiber-bodied Ferrari F12, meet the Caballeria

Designed for just 10 lucky and exceptionally wealthy owners.

  • Image Credit: Bengala
Customizing a Ferrari, or any exotic for that matter, is a tricky process. Extreme looks and performance mean tuners and designers can't push the envelope much further without getting into tacky territory. But Spanish designers Bengala have toed the line with the new F12 Caballería.

Based on the F12berlinetta, obviously, Bengala claims the Caballería draws inspiration from Ferrari's GT3 racers. We don't see it, but sure. The all-carbon-fiber body includes numerous smaller tweaks – check out the vents behind the doors and the new hood, for example – on top of much more drastic changes. The restyled fascia, larger intake, carbon-fiber splitter, and massive rear diffuser are the most obvious callbacks to Ferrari's road-going racers, while it looks like Bengala plucked certain new elements, like the three louver-style vents on top of the front fenders, from other Ferrari production cars. Those are the rear fender vents of the F12 TdF, for example. Bengala also swapped out the wheels for an Alpina-like fan-blade design.

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket and dig the Caballería's style, it might not look like a bad purchase. But be warned, unlike some other noted Ferrari modifiers, it doesn't sound like Bengala made any changes to the F12's 6.3-liter V12 engine. The company's press release didn't call out any mechanical changes, although that means there's still 730 ponies on tap – it's probably not a deal breaker.

Like most of its projects, Bengala will only build 10 F12 Caballerías. It expects to wrap up production by the end of summer 2017.

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