Two men in Oregon stopped an intoxicated driver and rescued a one-year-old child from a bad situation when they took the keys from an extremely drunk driver over the weekend.

Ty Thompson and his friend Koltan Transue were leaving a 7-11 in Clackamas County, Oregon, when they spotted a car that had skipped the curb and backed into some large bushes. Figuring something was up, Transue angled his Ranger truck in front of the crashed car to stop the woman from leaving. Thompson jumped out of his vehicle and snatched the keys from the driver. Inside the car, they found Laura Rose Ann Wood with her one-year-old daughter in the front seat. Transue called 911 as Thompson took the little girl from the car. She was wearing only a diaper and was shivering from the cold. Wood still had a can of beer in her hand.

"She had no right to be behind the steering wheel of the car, especially with the child in the car," Transue told KATU.

Wood begged the pair not to call the cops, saying she had just received custody of the child. The two took turns keeping the child warm until help arrived. When police showed up, Wood was trying to walk away from the scene with the baby, ABC reported. Bystanders walked her back to the car. Police charged Wood with DUI and reckless endangerment. Police told ABC that Wood was extremely intoxicated. The child ended up with her grandmother, but Wood was soon granted custody of the girl again, according to KATU.

"The only thing I can say if I could do that over, I would never, that's not me," Wood told the news station. The Oregon Department of Human Services has not commented on the case.

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