A Ukrainian ferry commuter misjudged his timing and, to his surprise, drove his car straight into the Black Sea earlier this month.

According to The Mirror, the ferry _ Protoporos IV_ was putting in to the port of Kerch in Southern Ukraine earlier this month when one driver got an itchy foot. As the vessel approached the dock and lowered her ramp, a black Lada parked on the lower deck began to inch ahead of the rest of the cars parked there, apparently in an effort to beat the disembarking line. The car slowly crept up the ramp and then, in a moment perfectly timed for maximum hilarity, the driver put his foot all the way into the accelerator and shot up the ramp. Unfortunately for him, the driver guessed wrong and instead of hitting the dock running he plunged off the end of the ramp into the Black Sea between the oncoming ferry and the dock.

Passengers and ship's crew sprung into action, eventually fishing the embarrassed driver out of the water with a life ring and a stout line. Ultimately, everyone aboard suffered for the waterlogged driver's impatience, as it took several hours for port authorities to fish the Lada out of the water and bring the ferry up to the dock where it was heading in the first place. Thankfully, the driver was unhurt by his fall into the sea. The same probably can't be said for the Lada, however, after spending a few hours floating around in saltwater.

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