Update: The YouTube account that post the video has been terminated.

A giant balloon resembling Earth's moon broke free from its moorings in an eastern Chinese city this week and went on a short but adorable rampage.

According to Popular Mechanics, a giant, semi-deflated balloon painted up to look like the moon appeared seemingly from nowhere to terrorize Fuzhou, a city in eastern China, earlier this week. Video released by China's Xinua News Agency showed the mystery balloon rambling around the streets, rolling over cars and pedestrians, and flying over construction sites. Numerous drivers captured the balloon terrorizing the town, and in short order the Chinese social media network Weibo lit up with hilarious posts and video edits of the hapless balloon.

The mystery of the giant moon was solved in quick order, though. Apparently, the balloon was part of a display erected to celebrate China's Mid-Autumn Moon festival. Consisting of a giant inflatable rabbit and the big moon balloon, the display stood in front of the city's Powerlong shopping mall. The day that the moon escaped, workers were dismantling the display to save it from the approach of super-typhoon Meranti. As the workers wrestled with the balloon, it slipped away and escaped into the city to amuse and terrify the people.

Thankfully, no one was injured by the errant moon, and no traffic incidents were reported during its rampage. The exact whereabouts of the moon are currently unknown.

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