A Chinese park goer got a nasty surprise when a Siberian tiger pulled the bumper right off their Volkswagen.

According to a video posted by The People's Daily, China's state operated news agency, a Chinese couple was enjoying a leisurely drive through Badaling Wildlife World on August 1 when their Volkswagen Jetta was approached by a large Siberian tiger. The tiger sat down in front of the car and stared at the occupants for a moment. Much to the surprise of the people in the car, it stood up and tore the Jetta's bumper cover clean off. The tiger then dragged the bumper cover off into the woods, but abandoned it near the roadside when it got hung up on some trees. The couple ended up getting their bumper cover back, but the tiger had done quite a bit of damage to it.

Badaling Wildlife world is a drive-through safari park located in Yanqing County just north of Beijing. Sadly, the park has a bad reputation and has been the site of numerous injuries and deaths caused by wild animals. Just last week, one woman was seriously injured and another woman was killed by one of the park's tigers. In March, an employee was killed by an elephant in the elephant enclosure while filling in for the park's regular elephant keeper, and tigers killed two other people in 2009 and 2014.

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