Remember in The Social Network when Justin Timberlake's character gave the sage advice to drop the "the" from Tesla has basically done the same thing, dropping the "motors" from its web address – the company's new address is

Reuters reports that Tesla flipped the switch Monday, according to ICANN, an internet accreditation company. Sure enough, heading to the old address redirects to the new one. But beyond dropping a word, Tesla has actually consolidated its web properties. The old, where the company hawked its commercial and residential batteries, redirects users to The changes have been in motion for a little while. Tesla acquired the new web address earlier this year and started shuffling its employee emails over to the new domain, a person familiar with the situation told Reuters.
Reuters seems to think the new domain name signals a potential name change for the brand, and could be a part of Elon Musk's mysterious master plan, teased and then delayed. That could be, but for right now, rather than speculating, we'll just enjoy having to type in fewer letters when we feel like configuring a Model S.

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