Four young Pokémon GO players from the Cincinnati area got more than they bargained for this week when, instead of Squirtle or Bidoof, they caught a couple in the throes of a drug overdose. Deion Collier, Kenneth Wright, Jasmine Brown, and Emerald Broach were driving around the Cincinnati metro area on Sunday hunting for Pokémon. Collier told WLWT that they were heading home when they spotted a slow-moving car creeping across the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard overpass over I-71. The friends assumed that the people in the car were on their own Pokémon hunt.

"The car was just moving slow, as if they were trying to catch a Pokémon or something," said Collier.

"When we drove past, at first it did look like they were both just looking down at their phones, and then we realized that they weren't moving at all," said Wright.

The four friends hopped out of their car and got the other vehicle stopped, that's when they discovered that the driver and passenger were unconscious. They immediately called 911, and an operator told them the get the couple out of the car and begin CPR if possible.

"She was blue in the face already," said Brown. "It was really scare. I was like, 'Oh, my gosh' because she was barely breathing."

Eventually, an Anderson County EMS unit arrived and transported the couple to an area hospital to be treated for a possible overdose. The four Good Samaritans arrived at the hospital shortly after to pray for the victims.

"I was just so glad she was okay," said Collier. "The paramedics said they possibly wouldn't make it, so once I found out she did, I just immediately wanted to go pray for her."

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