Kansas cops save puppy from sweltering car

Police in Merriam, Kansas saved the life of a small puppy by extracting it from a sweltering SUV. According to KSHB, the police were called to a local Home Depot with a report of a dog stuck in a hot car. When they arrived, they found a small, black puppy in a plastic milk crate inside a locked white Chevy Tahoe. They immediately set to work with wedges and wires in an attempt to pry the driver's door open and unlock the vehicle.

Scott Poole, who works for the Great Plains SPCA, was on hand and shot a video of the officers working on the vehicle. In his running video commentary, he stated that the dog, who appeared to be between one or two months old, had been in the vehicle for at least 40 minutes. Poole estimated that the temperature was somewhere between 90 and 95 degrees outside, and as high as 130 degrees inside the vehicle. While the officers worked to extract the puppy, the Tahoe's owner appeared and was surprised by all the hubbub. When asked for her keys to open the door, she discovered that she had lost them.

"When the lady came out she was absolutely blown away that anyone had an issue with this and that's pretty typical," Poole said on the video. "Unbelievable."

Police eventually unlocked the vehicle and removed the puppy so it could be cooled down and examined. The woman who left the puppy in the hot car was cited for mistreatment of an animal, which requires a court appearance.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, hundreds of dogs die each year from heat exhaustion after being left in hot cars. Parked vehicles, even those with the windows cracked open, can quickly reach temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees which is extremely dangerous for pets.

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