Watch a 700-hp Chevy Camaro burst into flames suddenly

A hint of smoke foreshadowed a major flare-up.

Well, that escalated quickly. A father and son had to make a desperate escape after a run in a modified, 700-horsepower Chevrolet Camaro nearly turned tragic.

You can hear the big V8 engine revving hard, before hints of smoke begin to emanate from the center console and fill the cabin. Without warning, big flames spring up, spreading from the driver's side of the center console and quickly into the passenger footwell. The panic is completely understandable.

Fortunately, MotorAuthority reports that both father and son escaped from the car "relatively" free of harm. It's unclear what the status of the car is, but with way the fire spread we'd have to imagine it's seriously damaged, if not completely destroyed.

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