"Just your typical LS-swapped Fox-body," says the owner. It's enough to make Mustang and Camaro purists cringe, but this is an increasingly common swap in the drag-racing community. The LS is a flexible motor with massive aftermarket support. It's also capable of making tons of power easily, which is why it's the go-to choice for engine swaps for strip and street.

Don't sneer at its ubiquity, or the fact that this is a Bowtie-powered FoMoCo Mustang. This particular Mustang has a 300-shot nitrous kit helping the 5.3-liter LS make 650-700 hp. The owner claims this notchback weighs around 2,975 lbs wet with a driver. It sounds great and looks to take out a number of Fox-body competitors, although it does get smoked in the last part of the video by an SN95 apparently running an orthodox Ford engine. Read into that what you will.

Don't hate the racer; hate the game. Stick around for the announcer's sick burn at around 2:45.

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