The BMW 3 Series is now over 40 years old, and the folks over at Donut Media have put together a very cool animation to commemorate its four decades on the road. The minute-and-a-half-long video shows some of the highlights of the 3er's career, with the side view morphing from the super-basic 1975 E21 316 to the Group 5 racecar based on the same chassis, and up to the current F80-body M3 in Austin Yellow, with stops along the way highlighting different body styles from each of the car's six generations.

The color names are at least as interesting as the little info callouts scattered around the video, and the sound bites of racing commentary are a definite treat, so be sure to have your speakers on. Another plus is that you can halt the video between morphing and create some very weird looking BMWs. As a bonus, the creators offer posters of the iconic German cars.

It's another clip in a series from Donut Media that brought us an earlier 911 evolution video, so be sure to watch that one as well for a quick automotive history recap. Donut Media is also asking for suggestions on what to morph next. You can leave your ideas in the YouTube comments.

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